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Swimming Pool Heat Pump

R32 Full Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump-Heating & Cooling

Model : TFY-007BSE1;TFY-035BSE1;TFY-035BSE3
Color : White, Black,Customizable

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· Heating & Cooling

· Fully Inverter with R32 gas

· Heating & Cooling function

· DC Inverter Fan motor

· Ultra quiet operation

· Reverse cycle defrost with 4-way valve

· Intelligent controller to offer constant pool temperature

· Hydrophilic fin coil coating


  • Smeta pool heat pump | Energy Saving +35% Cost

    Advanced Full Inverter Technology- Energy Saving +35% Cost

    Smeta heat pump with Full Inverter technology, two main components of the heat pump have the ability to adapt their frequency and speed of operation to the actual conditions.

    The Smeta full inverter heat pump modulates its output according to heating needs,its fan,adapts to the effort provided by the compressor. With these two elements able to modulate their level of operation.

    This prevents peaks in consumption,maintaining the max stability and reduces your energy consumption.


  • Smeta swimming pool heat pump Reversible hot cold

    Reversible Heating & Cooling

    Smeat inverter pool heat pumps use reversible hot/cold technology and has the capacity to cool down and heat up the water in your pool. This is particularly useful for small above-ground pools where the water tends to heat up quickly under the action of the sun’s rays, with a risk algae spreading on the liner.

  • Smeta inverter pool heat pump | Low Noise,High Efficiency of COP 15.8

    Low Noise,High Efficiency of COP 15.8

    Smeta pool heat pump with new noise reduction inner design, can create an extraordinary quiet swimming environment for users for super low noise it will produce.

    With a leading and mature full inverter technology, the unit can reach a high COP of 15.8.

  • Smeta pool heater | Reversible Heating & Cooling

    Easy Maintenance Design,Integrated WIFI Connection

    Smeta uses the last new driver board with integrated and compact design. This board is installed upside-down in the heat pump, which effectively helps to solve probelms such as water ponding and dust accumulation, Smeta equips all its heat pumps with the WIFI functionnality. All information displayed on the control panel is also available on your smartphone.


Model No. TFY-007BSE1; TFY-021BSE1;TFY-035BSE1;TFY-030BSE3;TFY-035BSE3
Power Supply(V/Ph/Hz) 220~240/1/50; 220~240/1/50; 220~240/1/50; 380~415/3/50;380~415/3/50
Heating Capacity (Air 26℃, Humidity 80%, Water 26℃ in, 28℃ out) 7.6~1.7kW;21~4.8kW; 35~8.8kW; 28~6.8kW;35~8.8kW
COP 15.8~6.8
Heating Capacity(Air 15℃, Humidity 70%, Water 26℃ in, 28℃ out) 6.1~1.4kW; 16.5~3.8kW;25.5~6.4kW;23~5.5kW; 25.5~6.4kW
Cooling Capacity(Air 35℃, Water 29℃ in, 27℃ out) 4.2~1.0kW; 11.6~2.7kW;19.3~4.9kW;14.9~3.8kW; 19.3~4.9kW
Max Power Input (kW) 1.55 kW;3.2kW; 4.76kW; 6.43kW;6.93kW
Refrigerant R32
Heat Exchanger Titanium
Working temp. range () -15~43
Kind of defrost by 4 way valve
IP Class IPX4
Working temp. range (℃) -15~43
Casing Material ABS
Noise level 1m dB(A) 39~49; 45~56; 49~59;47~58; 49~59
Product Dimensions( L×D×H )mm 864*349*592; 925*364*642; 1084*399*737
Packed Dimensions ( L×D×H )mm 930*400*640; 990*435*760; 1146*460*862
Net Weight(Kg) 42 ; 58 ;98; 88;98
Gross Weight 53 ;69 ; 110;99;110
40HQ 288; 189 ;156

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  • Smeta swimming pool heat pump Bulk photo
  • Smeta swimming pool heat pump Bulk photo
  • Smeta swimming pool heat pump Bulk photo
  • Smeta pool heat pump Bulk photo
Smeta inverter pool heat pump Bulk photo

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