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Heating and Cooling Heat Pump

R32 Monobloc Air To Water Heat Pump-Heating&Cooling And Domestic Hot Water

Model : TFT-010BSE1 ;TFT-014BSE3;TFT-018BSE1
Color : White, Black,Customizable

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· Heating,Cooling,Domestic Hot Water

· ASHP Heating Capacity: DC Inverter 18kw heat pump

· Ambient Temp of Using: Minus 25C, highest 60C hot Water Output and cooling

· Certification: ISO9001, CE, ErP Energy Label

· Use panasonic Compressor for Dc Inverter Air Source Heat Pump

· R32 or R290 refrigerant, eco-friendly

· With MODBUS communication

· Operation aumbient temperature can be -30°C


  • R32-heat-pump-whole-house | Smeta domestic hot water

    Heating Cooling Hot Water All-in-one Solution

    Smeta’s residential heating solution can cover space heating,cooling and Hot water demand of house at the same time. Compared to conventional system, it is more efficient as it uses renewable energy from the outside air,absorb the heat in the air to heat water, and the energy consumption is equivalent to one quarter of the electric water heater and one third of the gas water heater and reduces CO2 emission.

  • Smeta R32 heat pump

    New Environment Friendly Gas of R32

    R32 appears as the “natural” replacement. This is why Smeta has included the INVERTER technology in its entire heat pump offer.

    R32 has the advantage of having no impact at all on the ozone layer and of being easier to recycle. At equal power, it is 5 to 7% more efficient than R410A and requires less fluid. Finally, R32 has a global warming potential of 675 compared to 2088 for R410A.

  • R32-heat-pump-A+++ | Smeta monobloc air to water heat pump

    A+++ Energy Label

    Targeting the high end European market,Smeta product of split type full inverter house heating and cooling heat pump can be rated A+++ energy label with full inverter evi technology and the excellent product structure and best quality components we are using. With top energy rating A+++, the unit is currently most energy efficient and cost saving for customers.

  • R32 heat pump super evi | Smeta air to water heat pump

    EVI Technology

    The evi technology with full inverter can ensure the maximum best performance of the heat pump unit during operating at cold ambient temperature as low as -30 centigrade, which can help to offer the end users with stable comfortable house heating and hot water supply.


Model No. TFT-006BSE1; TFT-010BSE1 ;TFT-014BSE1;TFT-014BSE3;TFT-018BSE1;TFT-018BSE3
Power Supply(V/Ph/Hz) 220~240/1/50; 380~415/3/50; 220~240/1/50; 380~415/3/50;380~415/3/50
Heating Capacity (Nominal Heating (Max) (A7/6℃,W30/35℃)) 6.46 (2.50-8.30)kW;10.58 (4.20-12.20)kW; 14.45 (5.30-16.50)kW; 14.45 (5.30-16.60)kW;18.77 (6.20-20.50)kW
Heating Capacity(Nominal Heating (Max) (A7/6℃,W47/55℃)) 5.92kW; 9.47kW;13.89kW;16.9kW;
Cooling Capacity(Nominal Cooling (Max) (A35/24℃,W12/7℃)) 5.66 kW;8.34kW; 13.24kW; 15.88kW
ERP Level(Outlet water temp. at 35℃) A+++
Refrigerant R32
Compressor Panasonic / DC inverter / Rotary / EVI
Circulating pump Inverter type / Built-in
IP Class IPX4
Sound pressure at 1m distance 50 /51/52 / 54 dB(A)
Operating temperature range (Heating mode) -30~45 °C
Operating temperature range (Cooing mode) 16~45 °C
Product Dimensions( L×D×H ) mm 1100×445×850/1050×420×1250
Packed Dimensions ( L×D×H ) mm 1150×580×1000/1100×480×1400
Net Weight Kg 95 /107/ 125 / 155
Gross Weight Kg 105 /119/ 140 / 175

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