Integrated Dishwasher

Discover Smeta integrated dishwashers, ideal for any kitchen design. Energy efficient and easy to use, our built-in dishwashers offer excellent cleaning performance and sleek aesthetics. Browse our range today!

  • 9/12 Setts Fully Integrated Dishwasher

    · 9/12 sett capacity

    · A++AA energy savings

    · Quiet environment:52 dB

    · Versatile Washing Programs

    · 3 in 1 function and 1 ~ 24 hr delay start

    · Safety and Durability:water sensor, antiflood device, and residual drying system

    · Easy to Use and Clean

  • 12/14 Place Energy Efficient Semi Built In Dishwasher

    · 12/14 Place Settings

    · Front Button Control Panel With LCD display

    · Semi Built In Design

    · Engergy Class: A++AA

    · 6 Wash Programs

    · Adjustable Height Upper Basket

    · Residual Drying

    · Third layer basket for 14 setts capacity

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