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Qingdao Smeta Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. (SMETA) is a manufacturer of  Electric appliances, specializing in the manufacturing and trading of heat- humps,refrigerators, freezers,microwaves & ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, commercial electrical appliances, and ice makers, etc., boasting over 50 product lines and a professional R&D team, capable of providing customers with OEM and CKD services.

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What Others Are Saying About Smeta?

What I admire most about Smeta is their attention to detail, and everyone I approach strives for perfection. I have visited Smeta's factories many times, and every time I go to China, I like to visit their factories. What I value most is quality, whether it is my own home appliances or the electrical products we provide to customers, I have a very high pursuit of quality. I am very relieved that after cooperation for so many years, their product quality is as good as ever. As for different markets, they always notice all the different details.

Haley Peterson from USA

Purchasing Manager

Haley Peterson from USA
Haley Peterson from USA

I am very happy that Smeta can offer me lots of support on my small appliances business, even a custom order for my clients, and guarantee me a quick delivery. They also can make excellent brand tags for me which is a really big help for the start of my home appliances business.

Kristy Myles from Canada

Own Her Own Electrical Store

Kristy Myles from Canada
Kristy Myles from Canada

I have been cooperated with Smeta over 10 years. They always provide me good quality appliances and excellent service. Their expert production capacity strongly guarantees the delivery of my order which is very important for my business. They also offer service to design my brand package for free. By the way, I am very appreciated their support in freight and customs clearance on my each bulk orders.

Patrick Rogers from UK

Home Appliances Wholesaler

Patrick Rogers from UK
Patrick Rogers from UK

Thank goodness for Smeta. We have looked everywhere for hotel minibar fridge for one of our hotel projects. Urgent time and the need for customization make it difficult for us to find suitable suppliers. Until we found the official website of Smeta, we finally found the mini fridges we wanted. Furthermore, we are truly satisfied with the price and delivery time.

Ahmad Hafiz Muhammad from UAE

Project Bidding Manager

Ahmad Hafiz Muhammad from UAE
Ahmad Hafiz Muhammad from UAE

We are very happy to work with Smeta Appliances. Honestly, we don’t need to seek for any other manufactures or suppliers because we can get all the home appliances wo need here. They can provide stable quality, the price is very reasonable, and delivery time is well controlled. Their service is also amazing that they can reply my demand and feedback professionally and quickly. They always share their experiences and new products to me to help me expand my business.

Mohamad Abu Almajd from Saudi Arabia

Home Appliance Distributor

Mohamad Abu Almajd from Saudi Arabia
Mohamad Abu Almajd from Saudi Arabia

I bought a 40L absorption refrigerator from Smeta around 2010, since it was the first time to buy, I was worried about the quality at first, I was deeply afraid that there would be problems of one kind or another, but it turned out to be a very correct decision. My wife and I keep it in the bedroom, often put some beer and beverage, it's especially comfortable and cool to drink in the summer. After that we purchased a 350L chest freezer and a 30L countertop microwave oven, both of which we are very satisfied with.

Karen Camacho from Germany

Use Smeta‘s Home Appliances for 10+ Years

Karen Camacho from Germany
Karen Camacho from Germany

In 2013, I just started my import business. I found a supplier on Alibaba, the prices were very attractive, but I ended up with a bunch of junk. While Smeta’s patience with customers exceeded my expectations, I remember one time, because of my problem, the goods were detained at customs. I was very anxious, constantly accusing their sales manager Erica and complaining. Erica was very tolerant and just keeps contacting the freight forwarder until the problem is solved. Now we have been working together for nearly 10 years.

John Milander from USA

Home Appliance Importers

John Milander from USA
John Milander from USA

I met Smeta at the Canton Fair in 2013, and I just left my contact information at that time.
Until 2016, there was a problem with the supplier we cooperated with and we would lose nearly 200,000 dollars. As a last resort, we tried to talk with Cheery, and then finally started our first cooperation. What surprised us was that Smeta was not only more competitive in terms of price, but also very strict in terms of quality control. The order we added temporarily was also arranged very timely, and it was finally guaranteed to be delivered on time

Meryem Belcora from USA

E-commerce Platform Purchasing Manager

Meryem Belcora from USA
Meryem Belcora from USA

Hi, I'm Laila, Nick's partner. As an international Purchaser, I have to deal with a lot of things every day. My mailbox is often full of various development letters. There are a lot of junk files and meaningless greeting emails. But Nick is different, His emails always give me a deeper understanding of the products and the industry. In addition, I am very satisfied with his work attitude, and I am very satisfied with every cooperation, not only in providing quotations but also in cooperation with various parties. So he is my most worry-free supplier.
—— Laila

Laila Lopez from Ghana

Procurement Staff

Laila Lopez from Ghana
Laila Lopez from Ghana

How to Start Business with Us?

Smeta One-stop service offers you the support during the whole cooperation process. You can complete your business with Smeta in a single contact.
  • 01


    Just leave us your detailed requirements intended products, quantities, target counties. And we will send you our catalog, prices and all other information you need.

  • 02
    PI Making

    PI Making

    After all the details confirmed with our sales manager, we will make PI for you with date, receipt account, delivery date ,etc.

  • 03
    Pay Deposit

    Pay Deposit

    After we send you the PI, you should pay the deposit which is usually 30% of the order amount as well as bank slip.

  • 04
    Schedule Production

    Schedule Production

    After receiving you deposit, we will make production order with product model, quantities, logo (smeta or your own), accessories, etc. and then our factory will schedule production with confirmed printed materials.

  • 05
    Pay the Balance

    Pay the Balance

    After confirming the actual delivery date, we will notify you to pay the balance which is usually the remaining 70% and arrange the booking.

  • 06


    After the production is completed, we will arrange the loading and shipment of the products, and then after confirming consignee information, product name, destination port and other information, we will make customs clearance materials.

Global Partners

Smeta has supplied appliances all over the world since 2000. 20+ Years of experience in electrical appliance manufacturing and suppling has won us global partners.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What kind of electrical appliances do we manufacture and supply?

    Smeta manufactures and supplies home appliances ranging from refrigerators, freezers, microwave ovens, dishwashers and washing machines.

  • What's the MOQ for my order?

    Normally 1*40HQ, some models can be tried from small quantity. Pls check with our sales team to confirm.

  • How long will it take to get my goods?

    Generally 45 workdays after confirming all the printing materials, but it may vary depending on the general environment and supply chains.

  • What's the warranty policy for my purchase?

    Usually 1 year for the whole unit and 3 years for main part, but it differs for different models.

  • How do I make payment?

    You could pay by Westunion, Paypal, T/T, L/C and other negotiable payment terms.

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