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0-5 Cu.Ft

3.5/2.1 Cu.Ft. 3 Way Rv Refrigerator Propane Fridge

Model : TSG-60B1(A)/TSG-100B1U
Color : White, Black

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· 3 Way Working: LPG/DC 12V/AC 110V

· Front Mounted Control Panel

· Electric/Gas Thermostat

· Piezo Ignition

· Flame Indicator

· Absorption Cooling System:0 DB & No Freon

· Temperature Range: 32℉~50℉

· Removable Shelves & Adjustable Foot

· Reversible Door Hinges & Interior LED Light


  • Smeta refrigerator - gas refrigerator - TSG-60B1(A)

    Offer More Flexibility and Convenience with 3 Way Working

    This Smeta propane fridge can work with three different power sources: LPG, DC 12V, or AC 110V. This means you can use it anywhere, whether at home, in your RV, or in your camping site. You can switch between the power sources easily with the front mounted control panel. This feature will appeal to your customers who are looking for a versatile and reliable cooling solution for their RVs.

  • Smeta appliances - refrigeration - Moist Fresh Zone

    Enjoy Precise and Easy Temperature Control with Electric/Gas Thermostat

    This Smeta outdoor mini fridge has an electric/gas thermostat that allows you to adjust the temperature according to your needs. You can also use the piezo ignition to light up the gas flame with a simple push of a button. The thermostat and the ignition are both located on the front panel, which makes them easy to access and operate. This feature will appeal to your customers who are looking for a user-friendly and efficient cooling solution for their RVs or outdoor camping ect.

  • Smeta refrigerator - outdoors - 3 way fridge TSG-60B1(A)

    Save Energy and Money with Low Power Consumption and High Performance

    This Smeta 3 way rv refrigerator has a low power consumption of 90W, which means it uses less electricity than conventional models. It also has a high performance of 0.8kWh/24h, which means it cools your food and drinks faster and more evenly. This feature will appeal to your customers who are looking for an eco-friendly and cost-effective cooling solution.

  • Smeta gas refrigerator TSG-60B1(A)

    Get More Value and Quality with Durable and Safe Materials

    This RV refrigerator is made of durable and safe materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic. The materials are resistant to corrosion, rust, and wear, which makes them last longer and perform better. The refrigerator also has a flame failure safety device, which automatically cuts off the gas supply if the flame goes out.


Model TSG-60B1(A);TSG-100B1U
Power Supply LPG; AC 110V/ 220V; DC12V/24V
Net Capacity 1.9 Cu. Ft;2.5 Cu.Ft
Temperature range (from>to) 0–+10℃
Gas Consumption(kg/24h) 0.09;0.28
Cooling system Absorbtion
Thermostat Electric/Gas
Indicator Flame indicator
Electric 0.7kw/24h
Product(W*D*H)(inches) 27.3* 18.1* 18.9;20.6*23.4*32.3
Packaging(W*D*H)(inches) 26.2* 18.1* 18.9;22.4*25*34.3
Weight(Net/Gross kg) 23.5/26.5; 35.5/40
Loading (40HQ) 276;231

Large Cargo Photo

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  • Smeta gas refrigerator TSG-60B1_back
  • Smeta gas refrigerator TSG-60B1_package
  • Smeta gas refrigerator TSG-60B1 _Realistic view
Smeta 12 volt refrigerator TSG-60B1_package

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