Heat Pumps

Smeta offers a wide range of energy-efficient heat pumps for the Asia Pacific region, including air to water heat pumps, heating&cooling Heat Pump,swimming pool heat pump, and heat pump water heaters. Contact us today to learn more.

  • R290 High Efficiency Heat Pump

    · Government subsidies

    · Heating, Cooling and Domestic Hot Water in One System

    · R290 Refrigerant More ECO-Friendly

    · Meets a Variety of Terminal Usage Needs

    · Full Inverter Technology

    · High Efficiency, ERP Directive double A+++

    · COP 5.1, Save up to 80% Energy

    · Maximum Water Temperature 75°C

    · Minimum ambient temperature -30 ℃

  • R290 Domestic Air Source Heat Pump-Domestic Hot Water And Heating Cooling

    · Adopt DC inverter technology, with high efficiency

    · Adapt intelligent controller, full automatically operation

    · R290 refrigerant,environmental friendly

    · High pressure protection

    · Defrost automatically

    · Ultra low noise

    · Higher water temperature output up to 55 ℃

    · With MODBUS communication

    · Free Wi-Fi, intelligent control

  • R32 Air To Water Heat Pump-Heating&Cooling And Domestic Hot Water

    · Heating,Cooling,Domestic Hot Water

    · ASHP Heating Capacity: DC Inverter 18kw heat pump

    · Ambient Temp of Using: Minus 25C, highest 60C hot Water Output and cooling

    · Certification: ISO9001, CE, ErP Energy Label

    · Use panasonic Compressor for Dc Inverter Air Source Heat Pump

    · R32 or R290 refrigerant, eco-friendly

    · With MODBUS communication

    · Operation aumbient temperature can be -30°C

  • R32 Heating & Cooling Full Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump

    · Heating & Cooling

    · Fully Inverter with R32 gas

    · Heating & Cooling function

    · DC Inverter Fan motor

    · Ultra quiet operation

    · Reverse cycle defrost with 4-way valve

    · Intelligent controller to offer constant pool temperature

    · Hydrophilic fin coil coating

  • R290 Air Source Hot Water Heat Pump -AirSide-2.5kW

    · PVC Titanium resistance against corrosion, more durable

    · Compact structure, easy demountable for access

    · High efficiency compressor with R290 refrigerant

    · Flow switch for water flow protection

    · Intelligent controller and adjustment by quick mind

    · Intelligent LCD display wire controller with touch screen display

    · hydrophilic coating

    · Automatic defrosting function

  • R290 All In One Heat Pump Water Heater-AirTop-2.5kW

    · R290 refrigerant,environmental friendly

    · Higher water temperature output up to 75℃

    · External condenser coil,more safe & reliable

    · Adopt enamel inner tank

    · High pressure protection

    · smart Defrost automatically

    · With sterilization function

    · MODBUS communication

    · Full automatically operation

    · With auxiliary electric heater

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