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Brand founder Steven Wang
Brand founder Steven Wang

Our mission is to make the high-quality life brought by technology benefit the whole world.We devote ourselves to let every family enjoy the bonuses of Made in China.

Brand founder Steven Wang

“I was born in a remote rural area of China where people’s life was not rich but their human nature was pure and austere. Back then, watching TV was a luxury for most people because appliances were expensive, scarce, and affordable for only a few families. Thus, only at my neighbor’s house could I have a chance of watching TV. It was since then that I became attached to TV sets as well as electric appliances.

Later, in my study, I acquainted myself with more and more household appliances and products, and meanwhile I became more and more interested in them. Although China’s economy was slowly recovering and more families could afford electric appliances in their houses, those appliances with the latest technologies are still expensive for most Chinese families. I felt a surge of courage in my heart at that time.

After the college entrance examination, I applied for the only university which had a major in household appliances in China to learn home appliance technology. After graduation, I devoted myself to the field of household appliances and have been deeply engaged in the field of household appliances for more than ten years. Along the way, I worked in some of China’s largest electronics companies and experienced the power of China’s supply chain. But these companies still have certain price barriers, and some new technology products are still very expensive for most families.

The surge of courage in my heart wwa ignited again. Since my childhood, my parents have always been trying to educate me to be an honest and reliable person. And then I felt the responsibility to make more Chinese families enjoy a high quality of life with technology as a practitioner in the home appliance industry.

Thus, in 2000 I started my own business and founded the brand ‘Smeta’. We want to use the most practical design, the lowest cost to bring the latest technology products to every family, so that every family can enjoy a higher quality of life. We deeply hope all families around the world can enjoy the dividends of made-in-China. We sincerely hope that higher quality and lower price products made by us can be distributed to every inch of the world. High-quality life is not a luxury.”