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Heat Pump Water Heater

2.5kW All In One Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater- AirSide-R290

Model : TCS-120CSE1; TCS-150CSE1
Color : White, Grey,Customizable

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· PVC Titanium resistance against corrosion, more durable

· Compact structure, easy demountable for access

· High efficiency compressor with R290 refrigerant

· Flow switch for water flow protection

· Intelligent controller and adjustment by quick mind

· Intelligent LCD display wire controller with touch screen display

· hydrophilic coating

· Automatic defrosting function


  • heat pump power saving airside | Smeta all in one heat pump

    A super energy-saving water heater

    High energy efficiency and low power consumption

    The air-energy water heater is driven by a small amount of electric energy through thermal cycle,Absorb the heat in the air to heat water, and the energy consumption is equivalent to one quarter of the electric water heater and one third of the gas water heater.

  • All In One Domestic Heat Pump Water Heater Core Technology

    Blue shield wall three core technologies

    Energy-efficient D-MAX heating technology, dual-channel structure design, increase the heat transfer area, super heat-conducting silicone grease to improve heat transfer efficiency by 30%.
    International top inner liner coating material to achieve military grade anti-corrosion and no water leakage.
    Dedicated BTC steel plate, high-quality automotive baking paint, super corrosion and pressure resistance, long service life, and never fade.
    The exclusive patent of heat preservation wall with lasting constant temperature, high-density, fluorine-free environmental protection overall foam, strong locking heat, prevent cooling.
    Create a comfortable, safe and healthy hot water life for you.

  • Smeta heat pump for house

    75 ° C high temperature hot water, integrated design, high-end positioning

    Hot water is available in four seasons, and the heating is energy-saving and efficient. Smeta uses r290 environmental protection refrigerant, which can have 75 ° C high temperature hot water, with higher water temperature and larger water volume, to meet the needs of higher quality bathing.

    The overall design is adopted, and the water tank is integrated with the host, which saves half of the space of the pipeline host, and is convenient for installation, clean and beautiful.

  • Smeta all in one heat pump | Top Core Components

    Top Core Components

    The original imported compressor has powerful heating, energy saving and durability, stable operation, and service life of up to 15 years.

    Silent chamber design and efficient lubrication system, low vibration and low noise.

    High energy efficiency and low power consumption.

  • Smeta air source water heaters

    Heat pump water heater applications
    2.Air inlet
    3.Air duct
    4.Shower hot water
    5.Domestic hot water
    6.Bath hot water
    7.Cold water inlet


Model No. TCS-120CSE1; TCS-150CSE1
Heating CapacitykW) 2.5
Power InputkW) 0.6
COP 4.16
Max Power InputkW) 3
Rated CurrentA 2.7
Max CurrentA 15
Power Supply 220V/1/50Hz
Backup Electric HeaterW 2000
Refrigerant R290/1000g
Net Dimension(mm) 500×500×1550;500×500×1670
Package Dimension(mm) 500×500×1670;640×640×1840
Net Weight(Kg) 89;92
NoisedB) 48
Water tank volume(L) 120;150
Working temperature range(℃) -743
40HQ 54

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