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24″ 4.4 Cu. Ft. Stackable Electric Ventless Heat Pump Dryer

Model : TDF-125ALBM
Color : White

Smeta appliances - UL certification
energy star | Smeta Electrical Appliances

· Heat-pump technology

· Electronic control with LED display

· Largest capacity in a standard 24” width

· 16 total dry cycles

· ENERGY STAR® certified

· Wrinkle care and damp alert option available to choose



  • Smeta front load dryer TDF-125ALBM

    With 16 drying cycles, you can easily choose the type of load that matches you, you can control the heat of drying more accurately, treat your clothes gently, and take better care of your clothes without having to worry about them getting damaged. You can choose from normal, jeans, ironing, quick dry, fine, disinfection, wool, fluffy air, and more.

  • Reduce wrinkles with Wrinkle Prevent | Smeta electric dryer

    Say goodbye to wrinkles and have anti-wrinkle technology that allows you to forgo ironing with the simple push of a button. The anti-wrinkle feature provides approximately 90 minutes of intermittent tumbling in unheated air at the end of the cycle to help reduce and prevent wrinkles.

  • Smeta Dryer Damp Alert TDF-125ALBM

    With moisture alarm,when clothes reach the optimal humidity level for ironing, an audible alert will sound, simply remove the desired item and click the start/pause button to continue the cycle.

  • 4.4 Cu. Ft. Ventless Heat Pump Dryer White

    Sleek, modern electronic controls that know the status of the cycle so you know how long to wear your favorite pair of jeans.


Model Number DDF-125ALBM
Drying Type Heat-Pump
Rated Power Supply 120/240V
Rated Frequency 60HZ
Rated Power 800W
Rated Current 4A
Rated Capacity 4.4cuft
Display Type LED
Drying Control Auto+Manual
Safety Certification UL
Efficiency Certification Energy star
Noise Level 69
Net Dimensions  (HxWxD) 33-1/2*23-2/5*25-7/10inch
Gross Dimensions  (HxWxD) 34-4/5*27*27-3/8inch
Net  Weight 55kg
Gross Weight 58kg
Loading (40HQ) 150

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