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9Kg/10Kg Best High Efficiency Front Loader Washer

Model : TWF-TWF-90C14LKTE
Color : White/Golden

Smeta appliances CB certification
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· 1400 rpm

· BLDC Inverter Motor

· Display with touch controls

· Illuminated drum

· Larger porthole

· Delayed end of wash 24H

· Wash at 95°C

· Add clothes

· Honeycomb basket

· Drum cleaning


  • BLDC-inverter-motor | Smetabest 9kg front loader washing machine

    Digital Inverter Motor

    The digital inverter motor adopts powerful magnets and brushless design to create quieter and more powerful operating performance. In addition, it consumes less energy than traditional motors due to its adjustable frequency, which translates into a lower electricity bill.

  • Illuminated-basket | Smeta high efficiency front load washer

    Illuminated basket

    The LED light illuminates the drum whenever the door is opened, thus reducing the risk of forgetting smaller items in the washing machine.

  • smeta best front load washer TWF-90C14LKTE


    The faster spin removes more water from the wash, significantly reducing drying time.

    Larger porthole

    Equipped with a large opening of 32.5 cm, this washing machine has been specially designed to allow a greater opening angle, making loading and unloading clothes much easier than standard size portholes.

  • Delays the end of the wash up to 24H | Smeta washer

    Delays the end of the wash up to 24H

    The incredibly convenient feature that allows you to select when you want your wash cycle to end. Set the wash end time up to 24 hours in advance. Simply decide when you want your cycle to end and the washing machine will automatically calculate the start time.

    Display with touch controls

    Rotating central knob for selecting the washing cycle and touch control panel for selecting the options.

  • Basket-cleaning | Smeta washers

    Basket cleaning

    After prolonged use, there are bacteria and allergens in the drum. Thanks to the high temperature drum cleaning function, subsequent washes will be safer.

  • Honeycomb-basket | Smeta washers

    Honeycomb basket

    Exclusive to Smeta, the hexagonal honeycomb drum is designed to remove even the toughest stains, with a gentler action on delicate fabrics. The surface of the drum has been designed to ensure that your delicate items remain in perfect condition, even after multiple washes. During washing, the special honeycomb design forms a layer of water on the drum to protect your clothes; in this way, while the drum rotates, your laundry slides gently inside it avoiding any deterioration in the quality of the fabrics.

  • Washing-at-95°C | Smeta washer

    Washing at 95°C

    Antibacterial washing at 95°C is more effective at eliminating bacteria and allergens from your laundry, offering a greater degree of protection for you and your family.

  • Add-Garment-Smeta | Smeta washing machines

    Add clothing

    Are you tired of running the washing machine and then discovering that a sock is left on the floor? The “Add garments” function allows you to quickly add garments to the wash in progress.


Model No. TWF-90C14LKTE
Platform 9Kg;10Kg
Power Supply 220~240V/50Hz
 Max. Spin Speed 1400rpm
Color Golden;White
Net dimens(mm) 595*570*850;
Packing dimension(mm) 655*625*890;
Net(Kg) 62;70
Gross(Kg) 65;73
40 ft High(pcs) 171;153
Warranty 1 Year

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