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8Kg Best Vented Tumble Dryer Machine

Model : TDF-80ALBG(VT5C)
Color : White

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· Anti-wrinkle

· Reset temperature

· Air Vent Type

· Temperature Reset

· Automatic Control

· Large LED Display

· 1-24Hr Delay Timer

· Signaling sound


  • Smeta best vented tumble dryer TDF-80ALBG(VT5C)

    Simple, compact design

    The clothes dryer machine is designed with a simple European style, making the space more modern and luxurious, with a compact size, not too bulky for you to easily arrange and install in other places. each other in the house.

  • Smeta dyer Air Vent Technology
    Air Vent Technology

    The dryer has Air Vent Technology which makes use of the air that surrounds it. It then heats this ambient air and uses it to dry your laundry inside.

  • 24h-delay - Smeta washer and dryer

    Delay Start

    The timer feature (Delay Start) is pre-installed on the control panel, allowing you to delay the program start time up to  24 hours  (each time button is pressed by 1 hour), giving you flexibility in the arrangement of the time to dry clothes.

  • Reset temperature | Smeta dryer
    Reset temperature

    With the temperature reset function equipped on the dryer, you can adjust the temperature depending on your needs, depending on the material of each fabric, helping to limit damage to clothes under the impact of heat. Protect your clothes as good as new.


Model No. TDF-80ALBG(VT5C)
Type Air vented
Drying capacity 8
Energy efficiency C
Noise level 68dB(A)
Approvals CB/CE/GS
Voltage/Frequency 220V-240/50HZ
Number of programs 15 programs+ 4 buttons
Delay timer(from-to) 1-12
Product(W*D*H)(mm) 595*850*555
Packaging(W*D*H)(mm) 655*885*575
Net/Gross Weight (Kg) 30/33.5
Loading (40 HQ) 215
Warranty 1 Year

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