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Propane Freezer

5.3/4.2 Cu.Ft. Propane Chest Freezer 2-way Power Supply

Model : TSG-200B1U/TSG-160B1U
Color : white, Customizable

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· 2 Way Working: LPG;AC 110V/220V

· Absorption Cooling System

· Completely no noise

· CFC-Free Environmentally friendly

· Automatic defrosting

· Inner LED light

· Interior Aluminum liner makes it easy to clean

· Adjustable Foot and Auto-hold Door Hinges Set Your Hands Free


  • Smeta Propane Freezer 3-Way

    Looking for a reliable and energy-efficient freezer to meet the needs of offline life? Just take a look at SMETA’s 5.3/4.2 Cu.Ft. electric/gas freezer. With its 2-way power supply and durable cooling system, this refrigerator is the perfect solution for those seeking self-sufficiency without the power grid.

  • Smeta Propane Freezer 3-Way

    Whether you are in a remote cabin, RV, or camping outdoors, the SMETA freezer series can meet your needs. Our energy-saving design can help you reduce power consumption and energy costs. In addition, our integrated handle simplifies transportation, making it easy to access the power grid.

  • Smeta Propane Freezer 3-Way

    If you are looking for more custom options, Smeta Freezer offers different voltages, colors, appearances, and sizes for different markets. The capacities are 2.17 cuft , 4.2 cuft, and 5.3 cuft respectively, and you will have enough space to store all perishable goods.

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    At SMETA, we understand the importance of reliable and durable freezers for offline life. With our three way freezer, you will rest assured and ensure quality. For over 20 years, we have been leading the industry in terms of quality, energy efficiency, and customer service. By collaborating with international brands of household and commercial appliances, as well as customers from different countries and regions, we have accumulated experience in OEM manufacturing and a comprehensive understanding of customer needs. Contact us immediately to learn more about SMETA propane freezers and how they meet customer needs.


Model TSG-200B1/TSG-160B1
Total Capacity(Cu.Ft.) 5.3/4.2
Power Supply LPG; AC 110V/ 220V
Gas Consumption(kg/24h) 0.9/0.7
Product(W*D*H)(inch) 40.55*27.56*32.68 27.5591 32.6772
Packaging(W*D*H)(inch) 42.23*30.31*34.65
Weight(Net/Gross lb) 165.35/176.37;161.39/172.27
Loading (40HQ) 99

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  • Smeta Propane Chest Freezer control panel
  • Smeta Propane Chest Freezer TSG-200B1
  • Smeta Propane Freezer TSG-200B1
  • Smeta Propane Freezer TSG-200B1
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