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2-3 Cu.Ft

2.5 Cu.Ft Smart Stainless Steel Oven With Interior Enamel Black coating

Model : TTB325-70MMU(D0)
Color : Stainless Steel

· Digital

· Force cooling

· Smoke ventilation

· Auto-off function

· Alarm function

· Enamel baking tray

· Combination grid

· Removable rack

· Interior Enamel Black coating


  • Smeta oven TTB325-70MMU(D0) | control panel

    A spacious fan-forced oven with a capacity allows you to handle any family meal. Your digital timer means you can easily set your cooking times for starting and stopping plus you can just use it as your kitchen clock.

  • Smeta smart oven TTB325-70MMU(D0)-Open

    An oven that has a capacity of 70 litres. The internal dimensions are 48 x 33.5 so this is more than sufficient to cater for a variety of baking trays.

  • Smeta oven | inside _Detail

    protected by the revolutionary easy clean enamel which means no harsh chemicals are required for cleaning only water

  • Smeta oven Detail

    Fan-forced cooking – fan-forced cooking is a faster way to cook. The heat in the oven is evenly distributed around your dishes with a fan located at the rear of the oven. Your dish will be cooked all round not just from the top or bottom as the heat is circulated evenly. Resulting in less time cooking and more time to enjoy your favourite meals.


Model No. TTB325-70MMU(D0)
Oven Capacity 2.47 Cu. Ft. / 70L
Rated Power Output 3,250 W &2450W
Voltage/Frenquency 120/240V & 120/ 208V;50-60Hz
Temperature range 50 – 250 °C
Rated current 13.6A &11.8A
Color Stainless steel
Product Dimension 595 * 575 * 595 mm(23.4*22.6*23.4inch)
Container Loading 40’HQ 216 pcs
Warranty 1 Year

Large Cargo Photo

  • Smeta smart oven Detail
  • Smeta oven | inside _Detail
  • Smeta oven | side _Detail
  • Smeta stainless steel oven TTB325-70MMU(D0)-control panel
Smeta Oven _package Detail

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