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15-20 Cu.Ft

17.23 Large White Chest Freezer with Storage Basket

Model : TDC-562X
Color : White

DOE Certification | Smeta Electrical Appliances
Smeta appliances - etl Certification

· Mechanical temperature and adjustable thermostat

· Upper storage basket

· Intergrated cabinet frame

· Rolls for easy movement

· Various handle & Lock optional

· Various control panel with indicator light optional

· Compressor fan & Door light optional

· Outside condenser optional

· Dial thermometer optional


  • Smeta Freezer - Aluminium Inside cabinet walls and White wire basket

    This Smeta large chest freezer has a large capacity of 17.23 cuft, which can hold up to 600 lbs of frozen food. You can easily organize your food items with the upper storage basket, which is removable and adjustable. You can also choose from various handle options to suit your preference and style.

  • mechanical-temperature-control---Smeta-chest-freezer

    This white chest freezer has a mechanical temperature control and an adjustable thermostat, which allow you to set the desired temperature for your food. You can also monitor the temperature with the optional dial thermometer, which is easy to read and accurate. The chest freezer has a defrost drain, which makes it easy to clean and maintain.

  • Smeta white chest freezer TDC-562X

    This smeta white chest freezer use an integrated cabinet frame, which gives it strength and durability and a sleek and modern look. The chest freezer has rolls for easy movement, which make it convenient to relocate or transport. You can also choose from various control panel options with indicator light, which show the status of the freezer.

  • option | Smeta Electrical Appliances

    This large chest freezer also has several optional features that enhance its performance and functionality. You can choose to have a door light, which illuminates the inside of the refrigerator so you can easily find your food. You can also choose to have a compressor fan or an external condenser, which improves cooling efficiency and reduces the noise level of the fridge. You can also choose to have a lock, which will protect your food from unauthorized access.


Model No. TDC-562X
Total-Capacity (cu.ft) 17.23Cu Ft
Energy efficiency class ETL/ DOE(commercial USE)
Climate N/ST
Temperature Range ≤-28.4 °F
Inside cabinet Aluminum
Handle GRIP
Refrigerant R290(NUT70NR)
Product Dimension WxDxH 65.1*29.13*32.52 inch
Shipping Dimensions 66.93*30.31*34.25 inch
Net/Gross Weight 160.8 / 192.2 lbs
Loading (40HQ) 62

Large Cargo Photo

  • TDC-324HU Smeta white chest freezer TDC-324HU_Physical image
  • Smeta white chest freezer TDC-324HU_Physical image
  • Smeta chest freezer TDC-324HU _top
  • Smeta chest freezer _Loading photos TDC-600C
Smeta chest freezer _Loading photos

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